WereWolves-Portrait of a Werewolf and the Transformation Process

copy rights by Sk. Nur-Ul-Alam

Portrait of a Werewolf and the Transformation Process


From centuries of stories, a composite portrait of a werewolf can be sketched. In human form they had bushy eyebrows that met over the bridge of the nose; blood red fingernails were long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and

eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. Ears were long and narrow, laid back on their heads. Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a yellowish, pinkish or greenish cast. In addition to such physical features, the werewolf also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and solitude, had an inclination towards visiting the graveyards and were known to dig up corpses and feast upon them.


The transformation was achieved in numerous ways. The most common ritual was practiced on nights when the moon was full. First the afflicted man would locate an isolate place and trace a big circle on the soil. On the center of that circle he made a fire and prepared his magic ointment. (The compositions of those ointments were different, but generally contained plant ingredients like nightshade, belladonna and henbane. Pig fat, turpentine and olive oil were used as solvent for them. Later when the distillation of spirits was perfected, alcohol served the purpose.) After rubbing his body with the ointment, he would wear the wolf hide and concentrate on prayer to the Devil. At the end of the process the man turned into a wolf and ran in quest of prey.

copy rights by Sk. Nur-Ul-Alam



2 Responses to “WereWolves-Portrait of a Werewolf and the Transformation Process”

  1. Says:

    Hi, very nice site, you must have put a lot of effort into it, why not tell more people about it?just one thing, the picture for werewolf is not about werewolf if I am correct:)

  2. Gita Says:

    Pardon, could you tell me which picture dosent belong to the werewolf?thanks for your encouraging 🙂

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