WereWolves-Background Information

Background Information

As popularly known, a werewolf is a person who is transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a wolf under the influence of full moon. The word werewolf is a contraction of the old-Saxon word wer (which means "man") and wolf–werwolf, manwolf. Another term lycanthrope, often used to describe werewolves, however, refers to someone who suffers from a mental disease of fantasizing being a wolf. This particular mental disorder is termed lycanthropy.
So, what is werewolf or lycanthropy? Is it a fact based
on concrete evidences? Is it a myth? Is it a exaggeration of some other things? How can we answer so many questions? Will the answers always be conclusive? Nevertheless, there are many ways to answer all these questions. Fair amount or relation and contradiction, however,  exist between them.

Can werewolf phenomenon be judged as some inexplicable happenings of the past. Apparently, there are some incidents that are beyond our knowledge and comprehension and we cannot explain them with conventional knowledge. These inexplicable happenings have haunted mankind throughout time and many still survive through the ages as folklore or myth. Is the werewolf phenomenon such a myth?

Nonetheless, the werewolf phenomenon has not perished yet; recent werewolf sightings still occur. There are as many bizarre stories of werewolves as there are cases when lycanthropes have recovered after thorough treatment.

Can werewolf be explained on scientific basis? May be or may be not; the answer depends on how you decipher your accumulated information on werewolves.

copy rights by Sk. Nur-Ul-Alam


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